Consistency in relationships is powerful. Showing up for our humans is with steady love—it’s everything, really.

But what about our relationship with the DIVINE, our non-human family? 

Consider this: you’re in a relationship with your (unseen) spiritual support system. Do our guides and angelic team “rely” on us? Maybe not, but ALL relationships thrive with consistent dedication. Actions speak.

You could declare, “I’m going to show up every day at seven o’clock to journal or pray or meditate––my ancestors can rely on me.” How empowering and beautiful does that feel?

The positive effects of consistency with our spiritual practices:

  1. Consistency sends a signal to our unconscious self that nourishment is coming in a predictable way. This is calming and can keep anxieties from flaring.
  2. Consistency dissolves chaos. A simple plan makes the day clearer.
  3. Consistency in spiritual practice is a gesture of respect and love to our inter-dimensional connections. Often we’re turning to Higher Guidance for support, as we should. Showing up in a predictable way is our way of nourishing the relationship.

Think of it this way… whether it’s your 7am meditation, night time gratitude prayer or your weekend yoga or church… How lovely is it that the angels and guides are looking forward to you?!

Uplevel your Love and watch what happens.

With Love,