Hello Loves,

Let’s talk about all the shades of isolation. Chosen aloneness. Solitude. Do it on your own. Hangin’ out the ‘do not disturb’ sign. Pressin’ the HARD PAUSE BUTTON.

Isolation, like everything else in life, has shadows and light. I think this conversation is important because, unexamined, it can turn into nervous system dysregulation. Darkness, disassociation, sadness. 

So let’s hold it up into the light. In Episode #93 of WITH LOVE, DANIELLE I’m sharing:

  • 10 reasons we isolate—why we pull back from people, places and experiences
  • What fear-driven isolation does to us, and what heart centered, healthy isolating looks like
  • One way that I’ve created conditions of healing for myself, and tips to seek out safe spaces for community (even if you’re reluctant… like I used to be)
  • Why we need to acknowledge the fatigue that comes from playing by someone else’s rules (hint: it frees up our life force)
  • How showing up imperfectly (please let go of perfectionism) is part of the isolation solution

Retreating is sometimes the absolute necessity—wise. And other times, it’s a slope to sadsville. I just want you to know that you can pour light on the situation, no matter what it is. 

All for Love,




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