My Friends,

Inner battlefields (which are so painful). Global battlefields (too many to count.) Bravado that’s cruisin’ for a Dark Night of The Soul. Adrenal fatigue and fried nervous systems. 

Look where hardlines and forcing ourselves to endure have gotten us.

Keep in mind: Antidotes are the OPPOSITE of the poison. So…

I’m building a strong case for softening. 

These 10 Ways That Being Softer Makes You More Powerful are not just about flexibility.

You’re going to see how apologies (the sincere kind) and self protection (without being brittle) and radical responsibility (KEY quality for being a heart centered leader) actually serve to make you a more gentle—and very powerful being.

I’m also suggesting that we compromise on some promises we made. And that we make holistic health and Self Compassion top priorities. 

We’re also going to refine our definition of “intimacy.”

A strong possibility: Power up your gentle qualities and you will have more energy to do what your SOUL wants you to do—because you won’t be wasting your life force on the push-pull drain-train. The world needs you to make this counter culture move. There’s a much easier way to do life and work… it’s not forceful, it’s POWERFUL.

Episode 108 of WITH LOVE, DANIELLE is planting seeds for the new earth. Your heart intelligence is the fertile ground. 

With Love,