My Friends…

“Brain” and “mind” are not interchangeable terms. Your brain is the complex organ that controls thought, memory… every process that regulates your body. Your mind is the conduit of your CONSCIOUSNESS.

We talk a lot about rewiring neural pathways in the brain for wellness—and that’s essential and powerful work. But I think we should first focus on reorienting our minds. ENERGY FOLLOWS THOUGHT. 

Raising our consciousness raises the quality of our thoughts… which helps govern our gray matter.

Eps 111 of WITH LOVE, DANIELLE is ready for you. You’re going to get tips on re-wiring your real mother board. 

🥰 My favourite how-to involves paying attention to the attitudes of the key 7 people in your life. You’re not going to hear that from a brain scientist, but it’s what the mystics know works.

🤩 And I have a really cool “ENERGY FOLLOWS THOUGHT” exercise for you, with this life-lifting question, “What might happen if you allow this thought to continue?”

Free your mind and the rest will follow. 

With Love,