Team D is fully virtual, with the team in five cities (and 3 countries).

We’re business, we’re heart, we’re productive, we’re in close touch. Here’s a bit of how we do it

3 days a week we message in (we use Viber) with a mashup of 3 simple questions. We stick with the same Qs for a few months and then switch up.

Here’s our running list. Choose your favourites and let me know how it flows.

Questions for team check-ins or starting your workday. Pick 3 for your day or meetings.

1. Gratitude:
2. 3 work priorities today:
3. Heart Check:
4. What will make each of my priorities successful—what’s the aim, the special part, or the guiding idea:
5. Enthusiastic about:
6. Inspired by or noticing… (people, projects, trends):
7. Self care/kindness:
8. Future vision you’re nourishing:
9. How I’m showing Loving Kindness to myself or another/other:
10. Thankful for:
11. Nourishing thought:
12. Morning routine today/this week:
13. What’s working (work or life):
14. Eco action/thought/noticing:
15. What are you creating work/life:
16. Letting go of:
17. Learning about/learned:
18. I give-receive-witness JOY in my life/the world:

We also do super lite bonus Qs like:

1. What’s your favourite memory of your Grandma?
2. Favourite movie of all time?
3. Favourite meal to order out?
4. If you could live anywhere in the world (permanently), where would you go?
5. What is one thing in your house, you absolutely LOVE (like life changing love)… and does not have a heartbeat.
6. Favourite reality TV show?
7. Favourite dessert?

With Love,