Hello Loves, 

I’d bet that you’ve never been asked this question before: What’s your relationship to what nourishes you?  Because even though we KNOW what’s good for us, we don’t always go there. 

Here’s the thing: everything is energy. And we’re always exchanging energy. So we’re actually relating to different healing ideas and modalities. 

And! the quality of our relationships determines the quality of our lives (Kind of a big deal.)

So this podcast session is a micro workshop on your relationship to the healing areas of your life. A little philosophy, a little esoterica, a lot of practicality. We’re looking at stillness, body, silence, quality of sleep and more—connecting to ALL the healing sources.

In Episode #94 of WITH LOVE, DANIELLE, we explore:

  • How the body’s function is to transmit Love + Q’s to help you become a stronger conduit. 
  • Why, in our productivity obsessed societies, stillness is actually the power move
  • Want to know my theory on meditation? An inquiry for all levels of mediators and the meditation-resistant.
  • Prayer as one of the most intimate forms of conversations—and how analyzing your relationship to prayer can shift you into deeper self love.
  • What happens when we intentionally choose silence.
  • How to show up to nature to recharge (hint: first with gratitude and then to make our healing requests.) 

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This episode’s LOVE NOTE (free prayers, printables, pointers) includes all the nourishing q’s!

Mentioned in this episode:

  • THE NOURISH SYSTEM. A heart centered approach to nervous system regulation. Compassionate, everyday practices delivered over 8 weeks. Tools and healing for a lifetime. 
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Cool people I quote in this episode:

Much of spiritual work is slowing down enough to let our minds come into harmony with our hearts.” — Ram Dass

Silence is not an absence of sound, but rather a shifting of attention towards sounds that speak to the soul.” — Thomas Moore

You will not be left behind if you pause. You will gain more insight about your journey, and this may cause  you to change course. So perhaps that is what some of us fear in the pause, that they will finally realize that another way is calling them.” — Octavia Raheem

If part of your legacy were to change the relationship to rest and self-care for your family lineage, how would you begin?” — Tracee Stanley 

(Tracee is joining me for a Heart Centered Business Masterclass! Free for Mastermind members. Here’s how you can join us.)