The problem with manifestation techniques and what that psychic told you. (Plus 9 principles for predicting and manifesting.)
The problem with a lot of prediction & manifestation techniques is that we tend to forget that other humans are involved in our manifesting. And we can’t control other humans — as much as we’d LOVVVE to.

Put your soul on the agenda. The 2016 Desire Map Planner Collection is here!
I say this every year: I LOVE my day planner. I’m so proud of this planner system. And every year, I totally overhaul the design and make it even better. And then I say, No, THIS year, it’s the best edition yet. Well…

Spill your desire to love and be loved everywhere
I’ve had thousands of conversations with people about desire and this is what I’ve learned from them (and from my own fiercely tender fierce heart): Desire is simple.


28 of the best things I ever did — from my bedroom to my business
1. Started treating my office like it was a real room that was worthy of my best treasures, not the “spare room made into an office”.

Leave room for mystery #Truthbomb elaborations
…and by that I mean…there isn’t an explanation for every situation or a solution for every problem. But some of us seekers love to dig dig dig until we find the reason.

Authenticity is Magnetic #Truthbomb Elaborations
…and by that I mean…being “real” is attractive, compelling, shiny — respectable. That said, being you doesn’t mean EVERYONE will dig you — we all have different flavours and tastes.


You’re free to go #Truthbomb Elaborations
…and by that I mean…stay if you love it. Leave if you don’t. Honour your life by honouring your time.

Lovevolve Lovevolve Lovevolve #Truthbomb elaborations
Find out precisely how your people want to be loved and then…just love them that way. (Take the Love Languages test if you want to dig in to this psychology.) Bend to give the person in your gaze exactly what they need, the way they need it — and guaranteed, you’ll be a better person for that kind of giving.

Your body knows before your mind does #Truthbomb elaborations
The body just feels. It doesn’t have a filter of judgements or worry. Something happens and then wham-boom-woosh, INSTANT feeling. INSTANT. Hits your gut, makes you blush, hairs stand on end, heart races, flush.

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How I plan out my day and…the radically new 2016 Desire Map Planner is on the way!
I used to be surprised at how often I’d get asked what a typical day looks like for me. But, then again, it’s the same question I want to ask writers, Creatives, super mothers (all mothers are super), travelling lovers, rockstars, and career superstars.

REPRISE: You will be called on to expand. And this is why we practice.
You will be interrupted. You will be called on to expand. You will be asked who you are and why you are here. This is why we practice.