1. When you post client testimonials on your blog, include a reply of gratitude.

  2. Commit to a year-long experiment and document it.

  3. Talk publicly about what you’re working on: “I’m writing this book”, “I’m researching a cure for…” You never know who’s listening.

  4. Launch on your birthday. It’s just more fun that way.

  5. Offer a teleseminar with the cost going to charity.

  6. Join forces with a local artist to make some beautiful stuff.

  7. Commission art.

  8. Host an old-fashioned fundraiser: a yoga-thon, a read-athon, an account-athon, a coach-athon, a knit-athon.

  9. Give it away for free.

  10. Host events in your city: other speakers, workshop leaders, film screenings. Be a maven.

  11. Start an advice column. Make it slightly hilarious.

  12. If you had 5 minutes on your local noon hour news show, what would you talk about that connects your wisdom/business to current affairs? Turn that into an email pitch.

  13. Volunteer.

  14. Say yes to every single interview or writing request for the first year.

  15. Say thank you. Mean it.

  16. Start an award.

  17. Set up your blog posts so that they automatically feed into your book page on Amazon.com.

  18. Create a password-protected area of the site for retailers and prospective alliances to access sales kits that include video instructions, printable materials, and relevant news.

  19. Send handwritten notes.

  20. Write a theme song for your business.

  21. Throw a thank you party.


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