Simplicity as a sacred practice. I’m all for it these days. My luxuries and practicalities are chosen with deference to Nature and integrity of the maker. 

So here I give you: the intentionally-chosen comforts that made the cut in my more pared-down life.

  1. Raven Maven Mascara. Smudge-free with peptides and frankincense oil! Comes in a glass tube with bamboo top and silicone wand (so no endocrine-disrupting chemicals from plastic) from my very favourite natural skincare makers Living Libations
  2. Halfmoon Yoga goods from a woman-owned company using luxe, natural materials like Turkish cotton and buckwheat. I wanted my living room to vibe like a yoga studio, so I got their Linen Crescent Sit Set in Natural. What will REALLY uplevel your life is actually sitting on the cushion and meditating for reals. (Use my promo code DANIELLE_15 for 15% off.)
  3. Tushy bidets Many countries have bidets in home bathrooms, because your booty needs TLC not extra TP. Once you get a Tushy (super easy to install!) you’ll never want to sit down without one.
  4. Annmaire’s Coconut Honey Mask is a deep cleanser and yummy softener (and good for acne scars). Comes in glass. Also one of my favourite gifts to give. (Use discount code LaPorte25 for 25% off your purchase.)   
  5. AIR Doctor Pro cleans particles 100 times smaller than HEPA standard! Blow out a match or burn toast and it kicks into overdrive. Super cool. I noticed the difference in the air feel within a few days of plugging in my Air Doctor. I have one in the living room and a smaller one in my bedroom (runs very quietly).
  6. Young Living Thieves Oil, a centuries-old combo of clove, orange, and cinnamon oil. Nasty bacteria zapper––in the air, on counter tops and in bodies. Young Living has an entire Thieves collection. I diffuse this, gargle with it, and clean my countertops and floors with it. 
  7. West Coast Seeds are non-GMO, non-GEO, from open-pollinated fields. 
  8. Organic India Tulsi Sweet Rose tea delivers rich antioxidants and adaptogens that soothe the nervous system. 
  9. Rose Water from Heritage Store, no chemicals with that true scent of rose. I take it to the beach with me. (Use code DANIELLE to get 15% off your entire order.) 
  10. HealThyMouth Blend from Ora Wellness is made with cinnamon leaf and manuka oil. Happy gums = bacterial balance.
  11. Doug Evans’s The Sprout Book teaches why ‘infant’ vegetables are a true power food. I’m rooting for a sprouting revolution. #foodsustainability
  12. Hey Hello Studio is a women-led brand and design studio and we love working with them!
  13. Alaskan Essences are high vibration flower and plant tinctures that help us process emotions. These were a favourite with many of our Heart Centered Members.
  14. Ten Tree plants a tree for every item you purchase, made with natural fibers like cotton, buckwheat, cork. Their sweats are QUALITY. 
  15. Frankincense Toothpaste from Living Libations is THE reason my dental hygienist says my teeth are getting better every visit. Game (and gum) changer!
  16. Lovetuner is like a mini flute-whistle that vibrates at 528 Hz frequency––the vibration of the heart chakra. It’s a deep, beautiful sound. I gave one to my son and my Mr. Man. Sometimes it’s a mating call, other times we’ll just give it a blow first thing in the morning. Your nervous system will love this. (Use discount code Danielle10 for 10% off.)
  17. Berkey Water Filters I researched high and low and Berkey wins. Gold standard at removing heavy metals and 200+ types of water contaminants. I have one in my kitchen on the custom Berkey stand. AND I got the travel one for hotels and camping time.
  18. Somavedic mitigates 5G/EMFs, but I’m most interested in its water-structuring abilities––it sits under my Berkey water filter. This little saucer is an investment, but there’s lot’s of data to support efficacy––and water health should be top of our wellness priorities these days. (Use promo code Danielle10 for 10% off.) 
  19. Kajabi is the center of our company’s content universe. We use it to house our offerings for both our Heart Centered Membership and Heart Centered Leadership programs, and it’s getting more powerful upgrades all the time.
  20. Minera Dead Sea Salt (or any dead sea salt for that matter) is a staple for me. 2 to 3 salt + essential oils baths a week, especially after some deeper meditations to clear out residue from the auric field. Salt is one of the most powerful energy cleansers on the planet. 
  21. Ally Global Foundation helps survivors of sex trafficking find healing, hope, and community. I adore the people who steward this organization. Please please consider giving monthly through their Refuge program. This work is healing and preventing harm for so many sweet humans. 
  22. Tree Sisters has helped us plant enough trees to fill half of Central Park! I highly recommend them as a business alliance to help your customers plant trees with every purchase.
  23. Floracopeia’s Rose Geranium Oil is some sexy stuff––the kind of rose that’s on the peppery side and the geranium is tangy uplift. 
  24. Duer Jeans are pants you can downdog in. I have 3 pairs (one for chubby days, one for hottie days, and slim cuts to wear with tunic-type things). They have a crotch panel which is both comfy for your sweet spot, and a nice style edge. 95% of the fabric is plant based or recycled. Made in Canada.

Let me know if you’re digging these brands as well.

With Love,