I’ve done heaps of letting go over the last two years. [You can hear how I radically simplified in my Podcast + this post HERE.]

Amidst all the heave ho’, here’s what I kept, or brought in:

Danielle’s Favourites


1. Father Richard Rohr: @cacradicalgrace
2. Adyashanti: @adyashanti.ogs
3. Ayishat Akanbi: @Ayishat Akanbi
4. Charles Eisenstein: charleseisenstein.org
5. Russel Brand: @russelbrand  |  weekly newsletter
6. Mooji: @mooji.official
7. Medical Medium: on IGon YT  |  on Rumble
8. Kelly Gores’ HEAL Podcast


9. Tushy bidets… Clean butts save trees. Simple design, women-centric company. Easy to install.
10. Natura Soy Candles… If soy wax is your choice (way better than lung-harming paraffin cheapie crap) these clean candles are made in Canada and ship everywhere. I only burn fragrance-free. Also a small, women-led company.
11. Young Living Theives Oil…Thieves is an age old combo of clove, orange and cinnamon oil that kills nasty bacteria. I use this in my household cleansers, I diffuse it, I create room sprays with it. It really helped me when I had mold poisoning in my house, and whenever allergies kick up.
12. Bamboo Toothbrushes… all smiles for plastic free living!
13. Prana: Buxton Jeans… organically flattering. Jeans I can do yoga in.
14. West Coast SeedsWe need to be growing food for ourselves and neighbours. Grow!
15. Living Libations… Seabuckthorn and Frankincense skin devotion.
16. Oral Wellness … so excited to up my dental health with these products.
17. The Sprout Book by Doug Evans. Sprout life! Sprouts are powerfully nutritious and you can grow them in your kitchen in a matter of days. Make your own vitamins! Follow Doug on Instagram @dougevans.
18. Ally Global Foundation… creates refuge for survivors of human trafficking. I know these people. They have won my heart. Please consider becoming a monthly donor of The Refuge.
19. @BallerinaFarm… Mom of 7 making bread and cheese on her cattle ranch. My vegan, single mom self is cheering them on!
20. @SpicyMoustache is helping me garden-plan in the middle of a city. Because… We need to be growing food for ourselves and neighbours.


21. Al Green’s, Higher Plane. I’ve been getting into Al’s archive of Gospel-Soul music. Pure love.
22. Noga Erez’s KIDS (Against the Machine) is rich, sexy, funk pop, from this beauty from Tel-Aviv.
23. LeAnn Rimes’ CHANT Album. You’ll pray, you’ll cry, you’ll dance.
24. Beautiful Chorus forever and ever. @beautifulchorus
25. Victory, new favorite power voice, soulful chanteuse. @victoryboyd
26. Chris Stapelton’s Starting Over. Love this on Saturdays.
27. Officium (album), Jan Garbarek + Jilliard Ensemble. Angelic chill.
28. Into The Clearing, Amos Lee. Small EP of 3 songs, from this heart centered soul man.

Lighten your load.
Keep what matters most.
Love it ALL more.

With Love,