Job descriptions have their function — they’re better when you put a human touch on them. Here’s an exercise #TeamDanielle now runs through, thanks to Steph, our head of People Potential. Each person tells the team, in plain language:

“1. What I am in charge of is…
2. What I do every day is…
3. What you can count on me for is…”

The style of delivery was wildly different for each person. Some of us were very matter of fact and detailed. Some of us were more big picture about it. When we each shared our statements, it gave everyone an opportunity to fill in some gaps of perception, like, “You know, I can also really count on you for objectivity…” or “You should mention that you also look after…” This exercise also helped us see what we each wanted to be doing more or less of every day.

Here’s my list. Big-vision ramble-style…

1. What I am in charge of is..
Seeking. Making art. Sermons. Energetic pulse. Culture creator. Health watch.
Constantly creating — 7 steps ahead of the business.
Setting the vision and creative direction.
Ambition + consciousness. The moral compass.
Aesthetic, style, beauty.
How we make money and where the money goes.
Bottom line negotiation points.
HR policies, legal interfacing.
Energetic protection, discernment, radiance/attraction.
Public profile / visibility — reputation.

2. What I do every day is…
Write. Teach. Philosophize. VISION. Strategize/PLAN.
Social media presence.
If I had no other obligations or requests, I’d be writing and designing every day.
I do interviews, speaking gigs, collaborating, jamming with the team, approving design, strategy for collaborations, team growth.
I field a lot of requests.

3. What you can count on me for is…
DIRECTION. Vision, insight, wisdom, truth, love, growth, gifts, creation. Funnies. Chocolate. Lightness. Change.


What are you in charge of?

What do you do every day?

What can we count on you for?