What if the educational system got an overhaul with… loving kindness and enthusiasm? We know it needs it. Here it is, embodied. Please meet Mr. Donovan Taylor Hall (@donofriend on Instagram).

He’s a youth (and parent) coach helping kids build a positive relationship with themselves through 3 key skills: gratitude, growth mindset, and self talk.

I was so moved by this conversation for so many reasons, mainly, Donovan‘s own journey through depression to awakening, to coaching kids to see their value beyond grades and social approval.

From Donovan:

“School shouldn’t be a place that makes people feel ‘othered’ or ‘not valuable.’ It should be about the expansion of minds, hearts, and souls. But unless we help kids recognize that grades don’t determine value and don’t determine the love we deserve, the education experience can really harm a child’s perception of self and the future for them.”

For 1:1 youth coaching, parent consultations, speaking events and beyond please find Donovan Taylor Hall at @donofriend on Instagram/Tik Tok/YouTube and beyond, or send him an email.

And please share this video and this message with a kid, a parent, or a teacher you love. Or anyone who needs to check their self criticism at the door.

Teach love!

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