Introvert. Extrovert. Gemini. Virgo. Catholic. Bohemian. Attached. Single. Responsible. Worthy. Educated. Respectful. Dutiful. Upbeat. Strong. Positive. Cynical. Scientific. Rational. Emotional.

Keep going… 

Vows. Contracts. Grades. Regulations. Mandates. Clubs. Hierarchy. Personality Tests. Segregation. Caste Systems. Rules of Engagement.

All of these labels are forms of social conditioning. Some useful, some harmful. But they are labels that come with prompts—and we need to get beyond those mental constructs to live empowered lives.

One problem with labels and appearances is that we think that we have to maintain them to please the people around us. This is how we get stuck in the same job for years. This is why we end up having to clean houses full of things we don’t use much. It’s how tyrannical “leadership” festers. It’s why many of us stay in deadening relationships. Because… 

We think we have to keep being what we’ve always been to get what we want. And that’s the ultimate mind conditioning.

This conversation is a shakedown of assumptions and labels, pointing out that most “stories” about our present are based on the past.

Episode #66 of WITH LOVE, DANIELLE questions a LOT of assumptions about our roles in life. Come shake it up with me.

Always With Love,