Hello my Loves,

Here’s where I think we’re at: 

The past few years on the planet Earth have done a number on our nervous systems. A lot of us are experiencing adrenal fatigue, waves of anxiety, and difficulty sleeping. A general malaise of despair. And it turns out that all of this was a precursor to these last few weeks and months of warful insanity. 

And whether YOU’RE conscious of what the stress is doing to you—your NERVOUS SYSTEM is very aware. I think that …

If each of us focused on regulating our nervous system, it could change the entire world. 

It starts with knowing your default stress response

In this session of WITH LOVE, DANIELLE, I quiz you on your stress style—who wins for best stressed?! And then do my best to offer solutions.

  • ARE YOU A FIGHTER? FLIGHTER? FREEZER or FAWNER? Once you’re clear on that, you can see the path to healing.
  • I share 11 beliefs on healing—specifically for our nervous systems.
  • There was a time when my cortisol levels were jacked and everything else was tanked. I’m giving you some very practical things I did that helped me heal. 

A better you in a bonkers world depends on steady love and your nervous system. 

With Love,



This episode’s LOVE NOTE (free prayers, printables, pointers) is a simple before & after exercise to check in with your nervous system and plan for brighter days.

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