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I can be having a conversation about a friend’s dating life, or what we’re having for dinner and in the back of my heart-mind, I’m thinking about Israeli and Palestinian families. Guilt can accompany some of my daily happinesses… I’m planning a wedding while there’s a war. I pray more fiercely. I’m more tired than I should be. Whatever “should be” means in dark times like these.

I think about FAITH—what do we put Faith in when there’s atrocity? Or when our personal life is so challenging that we can’t even think about what’s happening outside of ourselves?

And what should we be letting go of so that we can be more graceful in all the fractiousness? I am always wondering, What should I RENUNCIATE? 

Faith and renunciation are loaded words for some of us, and these are charged concepts in times like these. So… let’s go there.

WITH LOVE, DANIELLE, Eps #87 is a fresh round of spiritual definitions in under 30 minutes:

  • Embodiment. A consistency in thoughts, speech and action.
  • Faith. Knowing that the light exists, even when it’s dark. 
  • Renunciation. Letting go of meaningless pursuits and things, that block your connection to your purpose. 
  • The Lower Self and the Higher Self: the unhealed self (aka ego) and the Soul… your True Nature.

Remember: Your Soul is always calling the shots. Lean in to it.

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