Last week over 500 Desire Map Book Clubs gathered in cafes and living rooms and book stores. Boise. London. Brazil. And one group in LA that I surprised!

The photos that streamed through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. just slayed me. All ages, cities, reasons.

Everyone on my team were sending each other photos they found, “Look at these ladies!”, “These ones are shining!”, “This group is great!” We were just in awe. Really, really. We’re so amazed and blown away by what’s underway.

“If you haven’t started a group, it’s never too late. And… it only takes two to call it a group. Virtual, in your living room it’s all sacred ground.”

Here’s the beauty unfolding:


The Desire Map hit #5 in two categories on and Top 20 on And Barnes & Noble is selling books like … like hot Desire Maps! Thank you.

You can find the Group Guide here.

And this is a great how-to write up from a group leader.

If you’re sharing any kind of Desire Map image be sure to use #DesireMap so we can find you! Please, keep it coming…

Gather! Unite! Get real! It works.

With So Much Love,