Hello Loves,

Charlie Brown’s famous words “My anxieties have anxieties!” is a reality for people with anxiety “disorders.” Anticipating, forecasting and predicting… worry, unease and nervousness. All of which create symptoms that create a fear that the symptoms will last forever.

This is part 2 in my 4-part series on Healing With Anxiety and I embed an anxiety quiz for you in this episode (#103). We’ll see which lifestyle areas have some anxiety chatter for you. 

  • The What and WHY of anxiety… and how do you know how long it will last?
  • What does it look like to have a healthy relationship with our thinking?
  • How do we use appreciation as a psychological tool to diffuse anxious thought looping?
  • I’m sharing a story about an intensive with my psychotherapist… at my wit’s end.
  • What are your current “WHAT IFs” and fear scripts?
  • 6 very practical ways to heal anxiety… it’s entirely and totally doable.

Anxiety is not a lifelong condition. It’s a way through to our personal and divine power. 

Healing happens, my friends. Please tune in for some proof and practicality.

With Love,