Hello Friends,

Our 4 part series on How To Heal with Anxiety starts here, with Love.

With some help from conventional sources, the metaphysical practitioner on our team, V.S., and my own experiences with anxiety and healing, I’m setting the stage for us to look at basic anxiety “disorders” and to move toward healing measures.

You will see yourself, and/or your loved ones and the world at large in this list of anxieties types.

NAMING struggles is an important part of healing, and… I’m encouraging us to NOT OVER-IDENTIFY WITH LABELS. Especially when we’re talking about anxiety disorders.

I prefer to say, “imbalances” over “disorders.” And “natural” over “normal”—because we could argue over what’s normal in a world that’s flailing and waking up. But the heart and the nervous system know what’s natural.

This episode (number 102) is thorough. We’re covering a lot of ground and then the following 3 episodes will get lighter (kind of.) The foundation looks like:

  • Types of anxiety disorders, as outlined by the National Institute of Mental Health.
  • Physical, psychological AND metaphysical explanations of anxiety imbalances
  • The relationship between your nervous system and anxiety healing
  • The distinction between anxiety and panic. They are quite different.
  • Definitions of our energy bodies (Etheric Body, Astral Body, Mental Body.)
  • 24 causes of anxiety that you’ll probably relate to.
  • 6 ways to dissolve anxiety that are physical, simple and immediate.
  • What IS the vagus nerve and why is loving on it so important to our wellness?
  • Then we open the conversation to spiritual resilience and more meta-physical ways to heal with anxiety

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SAVE THE DATE: This is all leading up to Thursday, April 4, 2024, at 12 PT | 3pm ET, for a live class, HOW TO HEAL FOR REAL. Mark it in your cal to attend live if you can.

Anxiety is stirring in our collective and individual psyches. We’re still recovering from the global health bootcamp that started four years ago, and with raging wars and buckling economies… we might be… frayed. Naturally. Anxiety and all of it’s presentations aren’t a permanent condition. It’s our unhealed content asking for attention. 

Anxiety is Resilience + Compassion training. Come step it up with me.

All for Love,