I once told a potential mortgage broker, “I’d prayed for a clear answer about who to go with, and my prayers were leading me elsewhere.” He told me he wished more people were truthful about such decisions and it inspired him to look within more for the answers. We stayed connected until he left that bank.

I had just moved the closing date of a business deal with my lawyers:I know this has been a protracted deal. But guess what? It’s better to change the signing date for astrological reasons. Mercury Retrograde. I can explain if you’re curious. I’m grateful for the pivot.

Lawyer Lady replied, “We’ll make this change free of charge. We thought the gesture would be more in line with your reasons for the date change.

Maybe she’s down with astrology. Maybe she thinks I’m way woo and she was just being professional.  Or maybe she appreciated the honesty.

I had two guys who needed to reschedule meetings with me on the same day:

One texted to say, “I’m under emotional duress. Apologies.” 

The other texted to say, “Really felt like staying in and having a lazy day. Is another day this week better? But hey, if that’s not cool, I’ll be right over!” 

Those aren’t business conventional reasons for rescheduling. Emotional… Lazy… But they’re human and transparent reasons. No one had to fib about a flat tire, or food poisoning in order to look more professional.

Of course most of us are trying to honour our word, and sometimes you’ve gotta limp in and get the job done.

Sincerity trumps a cover up any day.  It’s felt. It’s human. And it creates more humane business.

  • “I’ve got to follow my heart on this.”
  • “I’m in the middle of a breakup. So I’m a bit distracted. I’ll get back to you tomorrow with a clear and incredible plan.”
  • “I looked my kid in the eye, and I promised him I’d be there for him today.”
  • “I’m having a hard time keeping up with the volume. Please don’t take it personally.”
  • “I prayed on this, and this is what I’m being guided to do.”

Transparent, human, legit. And it inspires others to do the same. Understanding happens, bonds are deepened, and solutions surface that you couldn’t see when you were hiding out.  

Sincerity unifies.

Always With Love,