Countless mystics throughout time agree that the reason for our spiritual endeavouring—our devotion—is liberation, and only liberation. The “work” in our light work creates a freedom from afflictive states: anxiety, selfishness, shallowness, insecurity, always comparing ourselves to other people, restlessness, fear… 

If the whole point of our devotion is liberation, then here’s the question: 

Do your beliefs liberate you?

You can turn this into a journaling exercise. Or walk through this with me on this classic episode of

  • Why might you believe in… original sin, luck, mercy, genetics?
  • Why might you believe in… fate, or destiny, or in free will?
  • Why might you believe that you have to prove your “worth”?
  • How are your beliefs pointing to your Divine Nature?
  • Why might you believe in the inherent goodness of humanity?
  • How do some of the above beliefs make you behave?
  • Which of your beliefs help you to heal?
  • Bonus Q: What did you once believe that you now think is silly or ridiculous?

It’s not *how* we seek spiritual growth, it’s *why* we seek it We need to examine what we believe, why we believe it, where it came from, and figure out what we’re going to burn down, renovate, and give our deepest devotion to.

With healing,