Hello Loves, 

Today is a good one. I’ve been waiting to deliver this for a while and because I think there’s a missing piece in the current cultural conversation around the nervous system which is… the connection between our dysregulation and the quality of our relationships.

A nervous system that’s nourished, regulated and healthy can roll with ALL KINDS OF EXPERIENCES. We can be flexible, spacious, and tolerant. Way less… triggerable and much more… Loving.

When we’re overly stressed, under-resourced, and dysregulated (anyone?) relational symptoms––in addition to physical symptoms, will start to show up for us.

If you’re agitated and unpleasable… if you want to hard bail on commitments… if you’re emotionally shut down…  if you can’t even name what you’re feeling… then… it’s all kinds of messy and unfulfilling.

In Episode 95 of WITH LOVE, DANIELLE, I’m walking us through the 8 signs of dysregulation in relationships, PLUS! 8 signs we’re relating from inner balance:

  • How to know when you’re off base. In wild times like these, we’re normalizing abnormal conditions. 
  • How getting regulated helps us stop taking everything personally.
  • How imbalance actually brings us more into balance. All reactivity is an opportunity to see what’s playing out under our hood.
  • The indicators that we are relating from inner balance, from the heart center…and why Love is the most powerful, immediate regulator of the nervous system.

We heal through relationships. Repeat: all relationships are vehicles for healing. 

When we see how our nervous system influences our interactions—family, partners, friends, cultures—then we will take a more urgent and spiritual approach to taking care of ourselves. And THEN we can move from friction to freedom.

Especially with the holidays at hand… please listen in. 

We show up, we hold space. We hold hands. And we keep going. 

With Love,




This week’s love note is a list for you! (I love a list). 8 SIGNS THAT WE’RE RELATING FROM INNER BALANCE. You can download it here and print it for a beautiful balance check reminder. 

Mentioned in this episode:

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