My Loves…

It’s Thursday, so that means a fresh episode of WITH LOVE, DANIELLE (#82) is ready for you! Last week, I asked you, What Spiritual Season are you in? (I’m in Winter…where you at?)

Here’s another question, I ask it of myself weekly when I get my butt off the meditation cushion or take another supplement: How do you know if all you’re doing to be well is actually helping you be well? 

Which is to say, what are the true indicators of healing? I have a very specific list for you, and I hope it feels like a cheerleading session.

GO LISTEN TO THE POD HERE, OR WHEREVER YOU TUNE IN! I’ll drop some highlights here, but the recording is much more layered so please tune in. It’s about 25 minutes.


  1. You make space to respond, not react.
  1. Fixing other people’s issues is not your primary concern.
  1. Leaning into pain points is what you do best. (This is the best part of the podcast!)

Go tune in. Healing is not quicky fixy. It’s subtle and it takes a season or two. But then! You look up and your life is full of more grace than you thought possible a few years or just a few months ago. YOU’RE HEALING. AND YOU KNOW IT.

Deep Love,