One of my favourite pictures of myself and a friend is with Rochelle and me after I danced in one of her Qoya classes. We are GLOWING. (Rochelle is always glowing — she’s one of those creatures with a foot in many dimensions. And we zip around various cities together in rental cars talking about men and music and Mary Magdalene.)

I get so lit up when I do this work. A few days before a speaking gig, when I need to be clear in my mind and very anchored in my body, I’ll put a Qoya video on my iPad and dance it out in my living room. I don’t need to rehearse or worry about pleasing anyone. I just need to do what it takes to turn up my Prana. Power. Presence.

And these days, as I’m in the midst of making some radical changes in my business and career, I need to be in sync with my body’s wisdom — so I can FEEL which way to go.

Enter: A Call to Create. This is such a beautiful offering from Rochelle Schiek. She sent it to me at just the right time. I’m using it to dig deeper so I can fly higher. You may want to do the same.

Our Bodies are Made to Do This


Tune in for my interview with Rochelle: Organizing Your Life With Soul…HERE.

One Love,