Some good news about how karma actually works…

You do not need to wait for something bad to happen to you because you stole the cookies or someone’s camel in a past life.

Karma is not a punishment system.

Karma is based on the Universal Law of balance: EVERYTHING must return to balance. Ignorance and wisdom, darkness and light. Karma is the calling forth of your creative energy, of your Love, to get everything back on track. 

Karma is an opportunity to get back to center.

We’re using our goodwill, our Loving Kindness, to clean up, to rectify, to bring things back in divine order.

So what if… we looked at cleaning up our karma as a blessing, not a curse?

Cleaning up our karma—loving things back into balance—is how we become more conscious. That’s all. And… that’s EVERYTHING.

All my Love to you,