Heart people,

When you’re in a painful situation, there isn’t always an “easy” out. We can’t lifehack out of a loathsome job when there’s rent to pay. Or quick fix a breaking heart. Or immediately manifest our way out of tragedy in the news.

But how do we dissolve the heaviness so we can keep moving? How do we keep returning to our heart center… again and again? For both the early adopters and recent Desire Mappers, these have been the recurring questions. About 200k people have Desire Mapped, so we know a few things now.

I’ve finally figured out what Desire Mapping is really about (the heart!) and I’ve woven in a bunch of the emerging science on how it’s the heart that directs the brain, not the other way around. (Women have known this, so the science feels a bit like, “Duh, obviously!” But proof is a beautiful thing.)

It gets down to this now: You get to choose how you feel—it’s the ultimate self-agency. Our feelings inform our thoughts. And our thoughts inform our behaviour. Change your feelings, and you could change everything. You could lessen your suffering, even in slow-to-change, less than ideal circumstances. This is about feeling good, yes. But really it’s about using our heart-brain to nourish ourselves, each other, and the planet. That’s the essence of Desire Mapping.

Today we release The Desire Map Course. Enhanced + deeply fresh content. More… MINDFUL. HEARTFUL. POWERFUL. And for 10 days (May 20 – 29) it’s free. REGISTER HERE.

We partnered with Commune—a leading online course platform that’s already hosted Deepak Chopra and Marianne Williamson—to create a lush video series + a brand new workbook, all sequenced and supported for deep learning. And, it’s gorgeous. (Beauty = healing.)

Important dates and deets:

  • Registration is FREE now through May 29. Please, get in there. Early is better so you have the most time with the content. We go deep.

  • The course opens and is all complimentary for 10 days only, from Monday, May 20 to Thursday, May 29.

  • During the 10-day open access period, I’ll be hanging out in the WeCommune Course Club to unpack the sessions with you. Jam with me.

Please, come over to our new course hub on Commune and explore. Here.

This is what I’m most proud of making in the last ten years. Full stop, all heart.