Psychologist Clarissa Pinkola Estes calls it the “missing zygote theory”—the idea that you were born into the wrong household. The stork was supposed to drop you off to the family down the street: those cool, enlightened, or highly harmonious people that you can, like, totally relate to. But in a twist of karma, you got plunked with some lovely (but cuh-razy-in-their-own way) strangers.

So here you are, a full-fledged grown up, feeling like a child at your family function. How can this be? You have your VERY OWN LIFE. You’re someone’s boss. You dress your own self. Your friends think you’re wise and hilarious and together. But no one can pull your emotional triggers or wipe out years of good therapy like yer kinfolk can.

My fellow grown up, let’s get you centered in your truth and prepped for gatherings… so you don’t end up in the bathroom panic-dialing your therapist. You have the inner resources. Acceptance! Compassion! And so much LOVE!

Here’s a prayer to bring that LOVE to the dinner table. Please print this out to read before meals. And ask everyone to toast to sanity.

– Danielle LaPorte

We give thanks for our togetherness,
our sameness, our contrasts,
and the light we reflect
to one another.

We give thanks for the Holy
that holds us, and the humanity
that brings us back to the Holy.

We ask that our happiness
be woven to the heart of the world,
and that our nourishment
feed the collective.

So be it. So it is.
May all be so blessed.

Focus on your own gorgeous heart. Hommmme. Ommmm. Your family members are going to be who they are most of the time. There’s so much sanity to just letting yourself flow with someone else’s predictability—their norm, their nature. Accept it. Forgive it. Just tolerate it; or peace out if you don’t want it in your life. But don’t waste too much time wishing you could change it. Bless it.

Comfort + Joy,