Hello, Loves…

In Buddhist terminology, metta = Loving Kindness and bhavana = practice. Who’s in for a Loving Kindness Practice?

The Metta Bhavana Prayer is my favourite-simple-powerful-daily-inclusive-beautiful prayer.

My man and I say this together to help each other just relax. One of us will look at each other and say, “May I be happy…” And the other chimess in, “May I be healthy…” And… exhale. We remember that we are MADE of Love.

This prayer is a key feature in my new book, How To Be Loving, and it’s one of the foundational offerings that our Heart Centered Leaders use with clients and in workshops. Sometimes, we say this at the beginning of Team D meetings.

Essentially I’ve turned this podcast episode (#53) into an audio prayer that you can go back to when you need it. Daily would be good.

We made a printable version of the Metta Bhavana Prayer for you! My experience is that if I have such things printed out and tucked into my planner or on my bedside table… then I pray more. Divinely handy. xo

Always With Love,