The principles of Heart Centered manifesting:

  1. Our outer world desires—to do, to have, to be, to experience, take into consideration the potential benefit or harm to others and the planet.
  2. Our visions for our own happiness, wellness, and prosperity include others’ happiness, wellness, and prosperity.
  3. We ask: Who can I include? Who can I welcome? Who can I lift up?
  4. We ask: How can we ease each other’s pain?
  5. We ask: How can I use my fulfillment to benefit others?


Once you decide on the visual that you want to bring to life, treat it like a seed that has to be nurtured daily throughout its gestation period.

That very commitment and practice will pay off in multiple ways.

An important metaphysical side note: don’t keep changing the vision. It’s like changing your dinner order in a restaurant a bunch of times—the confusion might mean that you don’t get a good meal on time. Craft your visualization. Trust it. And work with it.

I created this podcast as one you can come back to. Memorize the manifesting practice steps outlined. Work with your “visualization vignettes” and colour frequencies (every colour carries a particular vibration). And then repeat. 

Manifesting is a technology and we’re going to use it wisely—on behalf of Love… The only way to do it, really.

Always With Love,