If destruction is part of creation, what do you need to burn down?

Discover the key shift that will move you from stuck + straining to joyfully thriving in your heart-led business.

The Details:

Thursday, November 9, 2023 
3pm PT | 6pm ET
$99 USD

In this Business Unfurled Masterclass, I’m laying it all out…

Unfurling the most impactful Heart Centered strategies I’ve learned that will help you to:

+ Create more ease, flow, and simplicity in your business, so you can do less while achieving more…

+ Trust your inner guidance to make BIG, bold moves (especially when they fly in the face of conventional advice + strategies…)

+ Work through the fears and doubts that get in the way

+ Burn down what’s limiting and no longer serving you, and…

+ Forever change the way you work. 

I’m passing on my playbook. And showing you how I—a recovering corporate think tank director turned author, thought leader, and educator—used it to build a multi-million-dollar business ten years running, with almost no ad spending…

Then rebuilt it in ~4 months when it no longer fit who I’d become or how I want to live (while saving $50,000 in the process…)

Trained a community of 2,500+ facilitators in 30+ countries. Built a body of work and wisdom that has touched over 40 million people. And currently employ 14 team members (with a total of 19 kids) without hustle or outside investors…

Fuelled by a desire to serve and loyalty to my intuition.

The secret? Not strain, but surrender.



In Praise of the Fire Starter Sessions

What’s Included:

You’ll receive instant access to the class and a companion workbook for the event, with questions to illuminate your unique path to growth + prosperity, and help you write a permission slip to live a dream that is truly yours.

Here’s what I throw down on:

+ How to make your best decisions

+ When to invest and when to pull back 

+ How to create an aligned relationship with social media marketing

+ How to simplify + declutter your business for less stress and more success

+ The must-have people in your corner and on your team for success (plus my secret hiring process you won’t hear anywhere else)

+ How to know when to walk away from lucrative partnerships or clients + how to lovingly (and professionally) break up with them

+ Stretching your imagination to enter your next phase.

The key to reaching new heights?
It isn’t what you’re missing.
It’s what you’re holding on to.
And I’m excited to help you let go.

In Praise of the Fire Starter Sessions