Mystics believe that approximately every 2,500 years, humanity shifts into a new era––both astrologically and metaphysically. We’re now in the AGE OF AQUARIUS. It’s begun! Some call it the Golden Age, believing that we’re moving into “1,000 Years of Peace.” (Can you even IMAGINE it?!) Many call it the NEW EARTH. 

The Age of Pisces is what we’ve shifted out of. Pisces was about individualization––an essential part of maturing. And… individualization leads to individual desires. Excessive desire slides into greed and hoarding resources and… well, here we find ourselves in need of a massive shift in consciousness and behaviour. 

The key characteristic of the Age of Aquarius is UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS. This is the era of going from “me” to “we” thinking. “My will be done” to “Thy (divine) will be done.” We’re evolving out of grind and exploitation, to receptivity and inclusion. Wellness.

You could think of it this way: We’re each a “cell” in the body of Mother Earth. This includes all of the kingdoms of nature—plant, mineral, animal, humanity—all are the individual cells. And like in a physical body, there can be healthy cells and distressed cells. When the body detoxes, some cells regenerate, some are released.

I think humanity is going through a global detox… releasing toxic behaviours so that more nourishing energies can come through us. As is the case in most detoxes, the process is dizzying and disruptive. The healthy nutrients stir up the debris. 

As higher consciousness flows through us––I think of this as vitamins of Light, the toxins that have been hidden in the individual and collective shadow come to the surface. Grief in our bodies, dark thinking, corruption in social systems. 

THIS IS CLEANSING TIME. The detox is imperative so that we can ALL be well. We purge the old restrictions in order to come into balance with our Divinity––and each other. Unity consciousness.


We detox or we grind to a halt. Ego or Love. That simple. To be on the self-serving side of a business model or life goals could prove to be more painful than profitable. Self-centered paradigms are crumbling. It’s messy and meaningful. We’re moving away from war-based, elite-based, and hierarchy-based systems/structures/values to a more heart centered planet. This is going to take some time, but growth is inevitable. We can resist, or we can BE THE GRACE. We can cling to our stuff and opinions and politics or we can LEAD WITH THE HEART.

What would it look like to be on “the” side that includes everyone?

What does Inclusivity mean to you? How can you BE THAT LOVING in your thoughts, words, actions and deeds? Who can you invite to the table? Who can you Forgive or ask Forgiveness of? 

What does living in a NEW EARTH or 1,000 Years of Peace look and feel like to you?

See it. Speak of it. Embody it. 

Some inspiration before you go set out to thrive…

My future self lives in a beautiful world:

People over profits.
Higher Love over self-obsession.
Unity is the strategic objective.
Compassion is common sense.
Greed is a distant memory.
Purposefulness is the metric of success. 

It’s a simpler life, replete with LOVE.
My future self doesn’t want what she wanted before.
She’s enraptured to give, and so she doesn’t need as much.
She’s made a habit of seeing the beauty in people and situations.
She is vastly worry-free. Her heart solves every problem.
She’s looking out for all of us, smiling, in ceaseless prayer.
She’s not waiting on anyone or anything.
Every night, she lets a few more desires die.
And every morning she faces upward to God and says, “Use me up.”

Looks a lot like a new world.

Share with me @daniellelaporte and let’s hold our collective vision. There’s no “me, me, me.” Just “we.”

One Love,