How do we get from seething resentment to actually honouring each other’s choices? It might be in this sequence: Tolerance. Acceptance. Celebration.


We can put up with our differences of opinion because we don’t want to rock the boat. Our contracted ego wants to “keep the peace” rather than risk expansion and intimacy. So we settle on:

“I’m going to have some modicum of care AND a bit of resentment.” Tolerance. Which is definitely better than intolerance, but we can still do better.

We can have some inner spaciousness and be with the discomfort of our differences. We do this Love, out of the awareness that we all come from the same source. 

“I can be at peace with our differences.” Beautiful.

We don’t have to “agree to disagree”, we just agree on Love.

“I honour your freewill. I honour your choices for your body, your faith, your religion, and who you love. I celebrate your own karma. I celebrate your consciousness. I celebrate the mystery of your own path—and mine.”

. . . . .

Tolerance is not the end game in relationships or social structures.

Honour and respect for each other’s freewill is where the heart wants to take us.

All my Love to you,