The “new normal” can suck it. Let’s aim for transmutation. Not improvement, not incremental change… TRANSMUTATION. So we’re not just aiming to get back on track or to keep surviving—but to really, truly deeply, profoundly change.

Transmutation isn’t a slow burn; it’s a wildfire. Our inner fires are being reflected on the outer landscape. We’re called now to shed ourselves of all that’s not aligned with the truth of our higher nature—might be the money, the identity, the dreams, the reputation, the status. A global to micro offering up of illusions and bindings.

“There’s nothing passive about transmutation. Alchemy happens because of focused intention. We have to be so right here, right now. Not waiting to “get back to things.” That’s a holding pattern of mediocrity. There’s no escape hatch now. We have to be more consciously creative—and we have to do it together.”

We’ve got to intend change. Use the passage. Harness the upheaval like it’s wind power for our progress. Resistance is foolish in this epoch. Why avoid the inevitable shadow work—and the light within it? Why stay in relationships that demean you—when you could breathe sovereignty? How much longer will we put off forgiveness when we can exchange that pain for a whole lot of peace? The Divine Mother will hold us as we choose to morph into a new way of being. Or she’ll shake us awake with greater pressure and fires.

When we can be present to everything that’s here—our distractions and our reasons for distractions, our perceived limits to love and our vastness of love… then we can transmute suffering into a meaningfulness that actually frees us. The awakeness is the change agency.

So, bag “a bit better” and moderate before & afters. Sweep the decks. Meet the radical upheaval with radical change. You don’t need to sell all of your stuff and give it to charity (but, hey…) You don’t need to start a march or go monastic (but hey…) Maybe your transmutation is a reorientation toward unbounded Love and acceptance—you reset your nervous system but you keep your day job; you give up some ambitions but take on new passions for change.

Our commitment to profound change doesn’t make the process any less mysterious. But there’s a blueprint in our cells of extraordinary new realities. And just to consider the beauty of possibility begins the change process—then we kick it into gear with our commitment to truth and the light of consciousness. Emphasis on “kick it into gear.” Emphasis on the “new normal” can suck it.