Appy Birthday to me! The #Truthbomb App launches today. Candles! Champagne! Truth!

I know. #Truthbombs would make a great app. Easy breezy on your phone. Where dat app at? Finally! Here she is! The #Truthbomb App features: 1.300+ of my choicest #Truthbombs, 2. It’s an oracle you want it to be! Shake your phone and the cosmos will make a message pop up on your phone. (And if you don’t like the #Truthbomb you get, I give you full cosmic permission to shake until you get one that makes you go, Yes!) 3. You can have #Truthbombs delivered daily to your device — you can even set the delivery time. Wake up call? A t’bomb to dream on? You got it.


What to do after you have a breakthrough. (You’re going to shrink after you expand, so, listen closely.)

Threshold, crossed. You got there. After the grinding, the repetitive strain, the cord-cutting, the screams of release, the bliss of relief — the training paid off. Muscle burn got you across the finish line. Soul fire resurrected you. BREAKTHROUGH. Rebirth happens. The ascension was real. There’s no turning back now. You are true and you ARE new. Now what? (Because you’re in a new state. And that’s equally awesome and freaky. And you’re about to slip. Which is rough. And ironically, right on course.) WHAT TO DO AFTER YOU HAVE A BREAKTHROUGH (in this order, give or take.)

The Beautiful Writers Group helps you go from IDEA to DONE.

Writing a book could direct the course of your career — for the rest of your life. It could send more business your way. It could change one person’s life for the better. It could start a revolution. In addition to your own creative chops, writing a book requires smart support; the right mix of strategy and cheerleading. And so, we give to you… The Beautiful Writers Group


The password for Beloved

Because that place you cannot reach alone is the Home of Joining. It’s the beginning and the end, dark and dawn, you and me where new worlds are born all sweet white and glorious. And the truth we carry is that that place is only ever penetrated by the fellow seeker who knows the password for Beloved. Who knows the password for Beloved?


The light choice is the right choice. Don’t say yes until it feels … light.

Does it feel light, or does it feel heavy? An idea surfaces. An opportunity. A fork in the road. A big decision. Little decisions that make up your life. And maybe it sounds right or looks good at first. It could make you money. It’s there for the taking. It’d be easy to pull off. We so know how to do this. It’s in our wheelhouse. I’ve done it before. Easy. It’s “on-brand. They’ll love this. They expect this. They want this. They’re clamouring for this. Let’s give them what they want. It seems like the next logical step. Let’s move in together, we’ll save on rent. But…