We’re choking our bodies and the planet with plastic, chemicals and gross over-consumption. She’s struggling under our neglect and greed.

Quantum changes in how we buy, do business, and live are what’s called for—a boldness of love and respect.

It’s overwhelming because…it’s overwhelming.

Start with plastic—because it’s everywhere (Americans alone go through 88,000 TONS of plastic a year—and that’s just a small part of the planet’s yearly plastic consumption). Wastage gags oceans, animals and landfills. Production of plastic sucks lots of oil. Usage of plastic affects hormones and body systems. It’s a mess. Watch this Jeff Bridges video from the The Plastic Pollution Coalition. Or the 17 minute mini documentary featuring Pharrell on SOLUTIONS for the plastic plague like … “bionic yarn.”

Get educated and then make some good decisions at the grocery store and in your home…your life…the planet’s life…our lives.

For our Earth, I give thanks,

You can become a member of or donate a few dollars or more to The Plastic Pollution Coalition to help them do their good work in the world: DONATE HERE. And follow The Plastic Pollution Coalition on…