Fear demands answers.

“Oh, look! There’s an answer!” It may be someone else’s answer but it’ll do in a pinch. And so many of us are pinched. We’ve crammed ourselves into lives that are full of stuff but empty of meaning. Stuffed. Hard to move. Tearing at the seams of the economy, landfills, standards of living…

We’re so occupied with home improvement and self-improvement that it’s difficult to see the true self that’s underneath. Who are you fixing, anyway? Do you know? Maybe you don’t need improving at all. Perhaps your original self is more beautiful than you even imagined.

Freedom worships inquiry.

The truth is far easier to deal with than illusion, evasion or avoidance. You can wrap your arms around it. You can look it in the eye. You can take it to the bank. I think Saint Thomas had it right, “What you bring forth will save you. What you don’t bring forth will kill you.” Truth frees.

Stop looking for the answers.
Look for the question.
What question are you living?

{FYI my current living question came to me from Patti Digh and I’ve been noodling on it with glee for a few weeks now: “If my art provided everything I need in my life, how would I approach my life?” Ahh. Just the inquiry itself creates space in my heart for more.}

Rilke hit it home when he proclaimed: Live the questions, live them now!


With Love,