Soul Truth Declarations — yours for the declaring.

Take what you want. Leave the rest. Stretch to believe if it feels good to do so. My true nature is luminous. I have everything that I need in this moment to move to the next moment. Absolutely everything is progress. My time and energy are very valuable and I give them as gifts, out of love and awareness. Love is infused in everything. And as I recognize Love in my day, I become stronger, brighter, more loving and trusting. The universe is designed to support my unfolding…


How to start your day. Mantras, oracles, coconut oil, and desire. (+ 20 product and resources recommendations.)

Good habits feel good. So if it doesn’t feel good, I don’t do it. ‘cause the whole point is to feel good. Right? Right. Here’s a list of morning rituals that I mix and match. This happens in between getting my boy off to school (I love making his lunch, cranking the tunes in the kitchen, affirming that his hair looks rad’. Totally.) And sometimes, this happens in hotel rooms and airports. But wherever I am, something sacred is going down in the morning (that doesn’t sound quite right, although… anyway…) Good morning!


The dark side of big goals.

The ego loves big goals like a sugar addict loves sugar. The ego will tell you that the bigger the goals you have, the bigger the person you are. I should probably tell you now that I’m the kind of person who has very big goals. And if we had tea to jam on your life, and if you had even an iota of ambition, I would probably take that iota and get alchemical with it and blow it sky high. So, I’m the last person to be down on big goals. But I am usually the first person to ask, “So…Why do you want what you want?” Because…

I call all of my power back to me now. I am whole and complete. (Say it with me now.)

I was moving out of a house recently and told a friend I was going to smudge the place. (You know, “smudge” — you burn some sage and clean the energy out. Stay with me, this is going to get more logical for some of you. Actually…it will probably get weirder.) So, Cool Friend asks me, “Why bother smudging? You’re leaving.” Fair question. Usually you want to clear out the energy of places you’re moving IN to. “Because, I want to take all of my energy with me.” I clarified.

8 sure ways to block positivity

1. Overzealous competitiveness. Sure, play to win, but when the focus is on decimating the competition, you’re wasting invaluable creative energy that you could pour into your staying power. 2. Ambivalence and indifference. When you’re in touch with your truth, you can make a clear choice. (Personally, I’m always leery of collaborating with someone who doesn’t know what they want. Hell, I’m leery of having lunch with someone who doesn’t know what they want.) 3. Scarcity mentality. Because…

May my suffering be of service.

When the suffering is almost intolerable. When you’ve had all you think you can take. When you can’t comprehend what the “gift” in the pain might be. When it’s not making any sense. When you’re asking, God, Life, WHY? There’s this: May my suffering be of service.

why jerks show up

Why jerks show up in your life.

One thing that the self help movement loves to teach and re-teach is that we attract our reality, and specifically, that we attract certain people into our lives to teach us certain things. I’m down with that theory. 100%. But here’s where the (people) attraction theory gets really dangerous — it’s with these bonus concepts: That we attract certain people because they are, on some level, a reflection of us. OR… (and this is where we really mess ourselves up) that since we attracted a loser into our lives, we must also be…

Danielle LaPorte apple experiment

Words can make you sick. Or healed. Heavy or light. Here’s an experiment that might prove it.

“I’ve got an idea,” I said to my Kid. “Let’s talk smack to apples and see what happens.” And thus began the Good Apple / Bad Apple (approximately) 25 Day (because we lost count) Experiment in our kitchen. I’m a fan of Dr. Masaru Emoto’s research on water and resonance. Apples would prove resonance theory. Sure enough….