Hi Friends,

I talk about this in consciousness circles AND business masterminds:

Are there metrics for enlightenment? 

Yes, yes there are! It’s like being spiritually cool… which comes with a heap less ego. You might not be saintly or levitating, but… like…

  • You don’t need to defend yourself after every argument. (Or do you? ☺️) 
  • You don’t have to go to everything you’re invited to. (Right?)
  • You’re in touch with your nervous system. (It’s that internal network that controls your response to EVERYTHING.)

Come on over to WITH LOVE, DANIELLE (Episode 109) and I’ll affirm how truly rad you are—you monk amongst us, you, or… we can aim a bit higher. Together.

DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE IF YOU’RE ENLIGHTENED. It’ll be a total waste of your time. Otherwise…

I’ve got 8 beautiful indications of spiritual maturity to roll through with you. We got this.

With Love,