I did an interview with Sarah Bray, aka @sarahjbray, who asked some truly thoughtful and useful questions.

This may be a weird question that pertains only to me, but I’ll ask it anyway. I feel fully self-realized in my online work and relationships. But offline, it’s a whole different story. How can we be our true selves, online AND off?

{a note on “weird questions that only pertain to you”: more people should ask those types of questions, because they’re usually the questions that most people want the answers to.}

This is really fascinating territory to explore, because it involves identity, desire, definitions of success, intimacy. On-line life very much involves “persona.” Persona and ego can be really healthy tools, in fact, essential when you’re out in the big world…

Here’s the thing: some personas are a reflection of people’s true self, some persona’s are just phat fake images. So first, you’ve got to check yourself and make sure that your “packaging”–your online self-realization, is in integrity with who you really are. Because if you’re faking it “out there” it’s most certainly corroding the stuff in your off-line life.


With Love,