Don’t let old structures or dynamics clamp down your love and life force.

When I get in a group setting of more “conventional” folks––business gigs, mainstream media interviews––I’m a) myself, and b) always thrilled to see people relax into their more “human” side as a result.

Most human beings on the planet right now KNOW that the old ways aren’t working, and that Loving Kindness and some humility are in order after all we’ve been through––and continue to reckon with, in the last few years.

I’m seeing that most people are relishing conversations about inner change and consciousness. They want to talk about what really nourishes their spirit

People want to figure out what it means to be “whole”. It begins with showing up more transparently, with a clear intention to heal the world in front of us.

BRING IT TO THE MEETING. Bring conversations about kindness, and self love, and TRUE INCLUSIVENESS to your team, and your clients, and your neighbours, and students, and strangers. You may be surprised how enthusiastic people are to get real.

You can have a real connection in the elevator. 

You can have real connections within corporate protocol.

Whatever we’re talking about with our friends in terms of “what’s really going on in us”… bring it up. Sure, polish it, and come up with data to back it up if necessary, and yes, be profesh… but please…

Speak of Loving Kindness in ALL settings and circumstances.

A Loving world is not a future objective when we all “get on board”. Love is NOW.

With You,