If your nervous system has been jacked for years, less “GO! GO!” could be slightly confusing to your system. And actual stillness can be disorienting. What you thought was north can go south, what you thought mattered so much just isn’t the point anymore…

I’ve been practicing living “slower” this year. Intentionally. Not forced or mandated, but a liberated slowing down. Slower to get everywhere—to decisions, to commitments, to “arriving” at where I’ve been trying to get, ASAP, for such a long time. Much slower to judge. And as for jumping to conclusions, I’m practicing glacial speed.

“We are in a collective reorientation. Spirit is asking us to slow down and pay attention to our breathing. On days when the compression and disorientation are intense, this truth, repeated like a mantra may steady you: I am breathing. I am breathing. I am breathing.”

Because there’s so much packed in that. You are choosing life from your unconscious depths. And something greater than your perception of your small self is breathing you. Something vast, something with a higher plan. Something inconceivably intelligent and loving.

You have to breathe to tap your true life force—to feel Creation carrying you. So many of us are breathless, panting hard to prove our “worthiness.” It’s not passionate, it’s punishing.

We’re now in global group therapy and Higher Consciousness is asking us to slow down to notice one another, and to inquire as to how we got to this place, and to see how profoundly similar we are.

Slow and deep can be terrifying. I highly recommend it.

. . . . .

My pace of work (that’s pretty-speak for workaholism), had been a speed-skate over the dark patches of my self: my fear, my wounds, and tremulous self-worth. Which is to say, I worked my ass off to avoid much of my humanity. Seems to be a universal part of our condition.

Slow down and meet your pain and your power. They are dancers.

When you greet your humanity with compassion, you realize your holiness.

You are vast. And you have to slow down to meet that kind of wholeness.

Slower is brave. Slower is flow. Slower is Faith. Slower, as I’ve come to discover, is loving-kindness.

It will not break your spirit, it will break down your addictions. Slower is not robbing us, it’s helping us to be here—really be here—so we can see who we really are.

You are breathing,