At one point, all of my research into ascetics and contemplatives had me thinking that I was too ordinary, too human, so… unevolved. And worse, out of favour with the invisible cosmic crew I was always trying to earn points with.

I do believe that upward is where we want to be heading—toward a higher point of view. I want to transcend my fears, ascend to unity, rise above the mundane. But I have to take the mundane with me on my way to the holy. Otherwise, I am not really whole. Otherwise, I am leaving God behind.

Ancient. Modern. Monks. Neighbours. Torturing ourselves to ascend.

In this episode we’re talking about choosing to really be here. And a more joyful route to Soul expansion. Not easy. Not fast. But it’s got equal pleasure AND restraint.

After years of wanting to ascend, I’m just really grateful to be here. I hope you can say the same. 

With Love,

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