An hour or a day or a week of solitude. What was the quality of your breath? The state of your mind? How did you get there?

The monastery was peaceful. Those five days when the Man and the Boy went camping, now THAT was peaceful (read: get to have long baths with magazines, write at 3am, eat breakfast at noon, watch documentaries in the day time.)

But this week, this week has a quality of Love Boat peace to it–exciting and new. And I’ve come aboard. I made way for the peace by declaring December the Universal Month of Tying Up Loose Ends. And I’ve given myself the space to meander. Time management systems have their place, but not for the immediate now. I’m clearing my in box. I’m having lunch with my Man, tea with the girls. I’m following the rabbit hole of new blogs and spiritual texts and iTunes. Hell, I may even put my kid’s baby photos in an album–the ones that have been sitting in a shoe box for five years. I may… bake something. But probably not.

Nothing’s changed on the outside. I still have tons of email. There are new projects that I’m so excited to ignite, that I can barely sit still when the promise of it all runs ’round my heart. There’s laundry in the living room right now, and my TV producer is waiting for me to deliver my next segment. But peace is my call to make. 1-800-Life-is-good-cause-I-say-so. I’m letting the GO! GO! GO! of 2009 unwind from my spine. Flexi plexi meander. Peace in. Peace out.


With Love,