Best night out: September 30. Tweetup at the Thom Bar, SOHO NYC. Hot, high-minded women in NYC, lounging and laughing. I mean, really. In the red tent that night was, Bindu, power Kate, Rochelle the inspired dancer, the When I Grow Up Coach, a Bronx Beauty, an insecure Ivy Leaguer, a lawyer come entrepreneur, a pole dancing techie, Step Up’s Selena, and other new and familiar femmes. The highlight had to do a very animated conversation about clits and literature. Not in that order. Best workshop or conference: Gail Larsen. Transformational Speaking. Two weeks ago. Runner up: Patty Digh and David Robinson’s tele-seminar, Playing With Blocks.

Best blog find of the year: Cleavage, from Kelly Diels.

With Love,