Hello Love…

Thank you for all of the engagement with my podcast this past month. So many great a-ha’s around the ego and how we can love ourselves ALONG WITH our ego’s shenanigans. REVERENCE is the approach—warmth and respect to all parts of ourselves, especially the stuff we try to avoid or “motivate” into being more acceptable. 

I’m so over motivation.

Follow your heart to an episode of WITH LOVE, DANIELLE and take me on a walk with you. Or let’s cook dinner together while I talk to you about a metaphor for your SOUL + BODY (super useful).

Always With Love,

With Love, Danielle Episode 49: A new question to guide your life
Turns out temporary unhappiness doesn’t hold us back from helping a friend or feeling close to The Divine. Because if we choose to let it, everything, everywhere is teaching us how to be loving. Here it is! A sneak peek of my new book, HOW TO BE LOVING! Divinely timed.

With Love, Danielle Episode 50: How your Soul steers your body
How do your emotions relate to your Soul? What does the furniture in your “house” symbolize? In this FUN + short episode of WITH LOVE, DANIELLE, I have a beautiful breakdown that can help keep our human-holiness in perspective. Come on in and see how your soul steers your body. 

With Love, Danielle Episode 51: The gift your ego is trying to give you
The ego is the way our unhealed self acts. Boom. That definition can set you free. Once we truly understand that, we are going to glide through this lifetime instead of grind. This episode of WITH LOVE, DANIELLE is potentially one of the most useful I’ve ever done.

With Love, Danielle Episode 53: A simple daily practice for inclusive healing
Who’s in for a Loving Kindness Practice? My man and I do this together to relax. Sometimes we use it to start Team D meetings. This WITH LOVE, DANIELLE episode is essentially a reminder that you are MADE of Love. Come back whenever you need it. Daily would be good.

HOW TO BE LOVING as your heart is breaking open and our world is waking up

Preorders are really important to the success of a book. So I hope you’ll order your copy(s) now. As soon as you do, I’ll send you some sneak peaks, LOVING REMINDERS every Sunday for an entire year! And you’ll get a FREE seat to my virtual class OPEN YOUR HEART, UNCONDITION YOUR MIND on Tuesday, October 11.

Public speaking + presenting: how to guest like a pro with Danielle + Jessica Zweig

This is a class for anyone who is presenting to anyone… anywhere. This will be a blend of spiritual perspective, psych 101, presentation basics, and a bit of the beauty and travel stuff that we both wished a friend had told us before we started our speaking careers.


Join me on Saturday, September 18 at 11am PT for a live virtual event hosted by Alternatives UK called Self-acceptance as the undoing of you: how to peel back the layers to your freedom. We’ll be jamming on: Taking fierce responsibility for yourself, what is unselfing, reverence for the self, and becoming more self-reflective as your path to liberation.

FAITHFUL MANIFESTING: bringing heart centered visions to life

On our long way to Self actualization, let’s use the science of manifesting for the most beautiful purposes. This month in the membership, we will be diving into: The Principles of Manifestation and the Virtue of Faith, what makes for a Heart Centered Vision, and the Heart Centered Manifesting Practice.

If you’ve ever felt called to create something—a coaching business, a women’s circle at your local cafe, a workshop for your students, or whatever is on your heart, The Heart Centered Leadership Program might be perfect for you. Book a free 45-minute Exploration Call with Kelly Trach, our growth manager, and let’s talk about building that dream in your heart.