Hello Love…

I’m so loving showing up these days. This month we talked about your nervous system and for about the first time ever, I invited a guest to be on my podcast. It’s a moving conversation. Also… I have a few thoughts on the tense topic of rage. Deep breath.

Hold hands, turn off your wifi at night when you sleep and let’s be gentle with ourselves and each other.

Always With Love,

With Love, Danielle Episode 46: Energy body + nervous system
Explanations of astral body, mental body, emotional body, and… What hangs out in your auric field anyway? PLUS! The 101 on our nervous system and why nourishing it should be our #1 focus. This is Love for ALL your bodies. Tune in, be well, vitalize your life.

With Love, Danielle Episode 47: Ally Global: The courage to know
A request: please learn with me. In this conversation, you’re going to hear how perpetrators begin the cycles of seduction and fear. You’ll also hear stories of bravery and healing. And what can be done to spread more awareness and thus greater protection for women and children.

With Love, Danielle Episode 48: Agreeing to disagree is not the end result
It’s a huge stretch when we’re frustrated with other people’s choices… but the basic commonality we all have is CHOICE. In this episode of WITH LOVE, DANIELLE, we’re expanding beyond acceptance into the highest destination… HONOUR. Tune in for a mind stretch!

Watch: Navigating rage, with Love
I don’t scream like I used to. I don’t pound pillows. And it’s been a long time since I lashed out at anyone. I’m not pious, I get pissed off regularly, and I have to keep my disappointment in other humans in check. Here’s a “concentric circles of concern” approach to feeling enraged.

HOW TO BE LOVING as your heart is breaking open and our world is waking up
It’s been 5 years since my last book. World’s changed. So have I… you… WE. But the Truth is steady: the heart is a portal to higher consciousness. Clearly, humanity needs to find the entry point. I have some practical input and I hope you’ll come walk with me for a while.

Ally Global: Move For Freedom
Gather a team or join Team D from wherever you are on Saturday, August 6. We’re doing an INTERNATIONAL event called MOVE FOR FREEDOM. It’s simple: move your body however you like + get people to sponsor you. All proceeds go toward preventing human trafficking and the recovery of human trafficking survivors. Learn more + make your donations HERE!

Live in Vancouver? Join Danielle + Team D as we walk 10k steps on the seawall!

YOUR NOURISH SYSTEM: Navigating Fight, Flight + Freeze and restoring your nervous system
When our nervous system is strong and balanced, our relationship “containers” feel more aligned and graceful. This month we’re exploring simple ways to heal. Including… a Nourish System plan, the Heart Flame OM meditation kit and 2 Box Breathing guided audios.

Tools for resilience… for you + your people
Being of service when the world is in upheaval is a trip. We have to be grounded, do our own inner work, and approach everyone with compassion. And run smart businesses. We designed our Heart Centered Leadership Program for team builders, managers, teachers of all kinds, for wellness coaches, and counselors. Let’s map out how YOU can be of deeper service to the world.

If you’ve ever been curious about becoming one of our 400+ Heart Centered Leaders across 30+ countries, book a complimentary 45-minute Exploration Call with Kelly from Team D.