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All in one place: sermons, resources and how-to’s for steadfast love and sanity. New book, 3 fresh podcasts and the KEY to letting go.

Put the kettle on, here is the best from the past month + what’s new.

With Love,

Consciouness + Encouragement


Our Connection to the Sun + Moon

My pragmatic-as-possible perspective on the super woo and super misperceptions about our relationship to the sun + moon—and why we should be mindful about those connections. I’m also talking about Heart Centered Altars and creating sacred spaces in our homes.


Love yourself enough to not take the hook

There are times to go to the mat for what you believe in. In my experience, MOST of the time, disengaging from duking it out is a very very good idea. I invite you to consider not taking the bait to fight. This is episode #45 of With Love, Danielle, and I’m seriously rooting for your peace of mind.


Nothing leaves until you love it

Everything that you create—relationship dynamics, fear and obsessions, body pain—wants your attention and eventually come into balance. In this episode of With Love, DanielleI’m talking about pivoting toward the heart to let go of the pain, and getting free… for real.


Feeling guilty for the good stuff in your life?

There’s shadow guilt and there’s light guilt… CONSCIENCE. Gratitude is a form of wellness, of sanity, of respect to Creation. Go there. Fear-driven guilt doesn’t help us contribute to the wellness of others. But gratitude and conscience do. Gratitude opens the mind and heart and then we can serve even more freely.



as your heart is breaking open and our world is waking up

how to be loving

It’s been 5 years since my last book. World’s changed. So have I… you… WE.

But the Truth is steady: the heart is a portal to higher consciousness. Clearly, humanity needs to find the entry point. I have some practical input and I hope you’ll come walk with me for a while.

I hope you’ll order your copy now. As soon as you do, I’ll roll out some sneak peeks to keep you warm until your hardcover ships to you.


Online and Everywhere

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Heart Centered

Navigating Fight, Flight + Freeze and restoring your nervous system

When our nervous system is strong and balanced, our relationship “containers” feel more aligned and graceful. Over 8-weeks, we’re exploring simple ways to heal. Including…

  • A NOURISH SYSTEM PLAN. A complete guide to creating a foundational, 8-week plan for deeper wellness and restoration. You’ll receive guidance on which lifestyle choices support the specific nourishment your nervous system needs.
  • The Heart Flame OM meditation kit. A short (5 to 7 min) potent practice. Think: classing OMing with a light visualization mixed in. Only available to members. 
  • 2 Box Breathing guided audios. 5 min + 11 mins. One of the most powerful and simple tools I’ve ever used.


Heart Centered Leadership

You’re the kind of person that wants to do good in the world. You’ve got a big heart, a calling to be of higher service, and a deep devotion to sharing the tools and resources that have helped you most in life with others. We want to help you do just that.

Consider this your invite to explore our Heart Centered Leadership Program because we think YOU would fit just right in with that loving heart of yours.

What’s the Heart Centered Leadership Program about? 
It’s a program that teaches you tools for resilience that you can use yourself AND learn how to skillfully facilitate them to others. You’ll learn 36 exercises that help you shift from reactive to reflective. 

This program allows you to:

  • SERVE. And generate income from your own space and time zone.
  • LEAD. Master your facilitation + leadership skills from an integral perspective.
  • HEAL. Yourself. So you can help others to do the same.

If you’ve ever been curious about becoming one of our 400+ Heart Centered Leaders across 30+ countries, book a complimentary 45-minute Exploration Call with Kelly from Team D.


Leadership Learnings

A beautiful reminder from one of our Heart Centered Leaders that connection is our deepest nourishment.

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