birthday rituals

Today is your day of all days… Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.
– Dr. Seuss

Birthdays are a big deal. Monumental. Sacred. What could be bigger in your life than the day you were born?! I always feel pouty for someone who thinks birthdays are no biggie. Sadness. Every birthday is an opportunity to celebrate, get mushy, root down into your essence and be reflective, to think highly of yourself, and party hearty. I mean really, if you can’t have fun on your birthday, you’re doomed for the next 365 days of the year.


1. Chant your name twelve times. Do it in the shower if you’re worried about the neighbours listening in. It’s amazing how grounding and moving this exercise can be. Claim your space in the universe.

2. Look into the mirror. Beyond checking for new wrinkles or spots, look into your own eyes and give your love to the person you see. She may be glowing. He may be full of regret. She or he is all you’ve got. Pour kindness onto your image.

3. Make some outlandish wishes based on how you want to FEEL in the coming year. Desired. Free. Top of your game…

4. Call your parents and thank them for being your parents. No them, no you.

5. Cry if you need to.

6. Get drunk if you want to.

7. Wear something special.

8. If the previous year was a tough one, scribble out the reasons and burn the page.

9. If the previous year was an amazing one, scribble out the reasons and burn the page. I think every birthday needs to involve fire of some kind.

10. Tell everyone (the cab driver, the barista, your teacher) that it’s your birthday. You’ll get free stuff, lots of positive attention, and people will tolerate your “I’m a righteous babe” attitude.

Of course, with the exception of #10–you can do all of these rituals any ol’ day, like tomorrow. Because life is short and there is no one alive who is Youer than You.

And, yep… today’s my birthday!


With Love,