{CULTURAL SIDE NOTE: A “B-Boy” is a break dancer. And it is a phenomenon that is very much alive – from the Bronx to Tokyo.}

“The art of B-Boying is clearly individuality. It’s how a B-Boy takes that music and adapts to it. Basically it’s that love pumping through your veins and it’s allowing you to release yourself.

B-Boying is different than any other dance because each individual interprets it differently. There is no specific format for individual dance – it’s pure self expression. It’s how they want to express what they’re feeling through the music they’re hearing. And this is where spirituality comes from.”
– Luis Mateo, aka “TRAC 2″, old time B-Boy

Planet B-Boy… I never thought I’d get teary over sweaty, egotistical break-dancing boys. But I did. By the end of this documentary I was actually looking up to the Japanese B-Boy and the petit French B-Boy as role models of devotion to one’s art. And I had to wonder…

When do I feel love pumping through my veins?

Not too often, is the answer. I mean, my heart is regularly afire. I am humbled with gratitude every single day. I cry at car commercials. But, love pumping through my veins? Wow.

I feel the pump when I nail a white hot paragraph. When I pick my kid up at the airport. The rare times I ride horses. But it’s occurred to me that love rushing through my system is as physical as it sounds. And that, duh, sometimes you gotta pump your bod’ to feel the love. {That may sound obvious to you, but I’m a cerebral kind of girl who likes at least two feet of physical space between me and any stranger.}

To dance class I go. Zumba. Tonight. Gonna break it real good.

When do you feel the love pumping through your veins?


With Love,