Bonding, laughter. Support, healing. Comfort. Solidarity. Union. Care. Mercy. Joy.

Friendship in romantic partnership, and with family, teams, classmates, neighbours.

Sisterhood, brotherhood, humanhood. Becoming a better friend to yourself.

Who do you want to feel more deeply connected to? And what “barriers” to love can you find and heal within yourself?

I have questions and visualizations to help you go in…

In RELATIONSHIP NOURISHMENT, you’ll get 90+ minutes of healing audio:

  • One Guided Reflection Audio (63 mins total). An experience that contains:

    • An Ego-based + Soul-based Relationships Perspective. A beautiful mini-lecture to expand your perspective on relationships.

    • A Visualization Practice, for building relationships on the ground of your devotion to truth.

    • Reflection Questions. Take the revelations from your answers and apply them to nourishing connection with your peoples.

    • Sacred Words. 10 power words, on loop, set to music: Compassion. Inclusive. Communion. Forgiveness. Soul Expansion. Nourishment. Streaming Love. Harmlessness. Purity of intention. Inter-dependence.

  • Two Standalone Sacred Words Audios: Regular (11 mins) and Extended (23 mins) Versions. You get the sacred words as separate tracks to play anytime you need to drop into presence.

  • One Print-n-post Reflection Companion (PDF). A printable/digital 1-pager with four parts:

    • Encouragements

    • Visualization cue card

    • Reflection questions

    • Sacred words mini-poster

  • One tree planted on your behalf. When you purchase Relationship Nourishment, we plant a tree with our charity partner TreeSisters. We’re living more reflective lives, and building forests together. Love and oxygen!

This set of reflective audios is only $25 USD. I’ll walk you through a deep inquiry about what makes you feel nurtured, how you emanate Love, and what unity looks like in your life. Use these practices to nurture a specific relationship, or help you develop more presence and intimacy and inclusiveness across the board.

Connection is medicine,