Have you seen Kelly Diels’ cleavage? It’s deep. She writes with rapier wit and overflowing love, about “everything we all want more of: sex, money, and meaning.” And feminism. And Malcolm Gladwell. Yep. She’s hot.

I read everything she writes. EVERYTHING, honey.

1. What’s your super hero name? (You have one. To discover it, stand with your legs apart and hands on your hips, tits up and eyes to the sky. It’ll come to you. FYI, Mine is Agent Now, which in French translates to L’Agent Maintenent. Adorable n’est pas?)

Madame Passionista. I wear a chain skirt strung with laptop keys and knee high–hell, thigh-high–boots that are not made for walking. My primary super power is the blazing epistle of righteousness and my secondary one is unmentionable in certain circles but makes me very, very popular.

2. What’s the best advice you’ve been given in terms of writing or creativity?


3. What do you know to be true, unquestionably beyond doubt, certain with every cell of your being, completely, passionately, righteously certain?

That I am loved.

4. What global policy, credo, practice or law would you like to decree?

This is heavy: an end to sexual abuse in all forms.

5. What book(s) are you always telling people to read?

Freakonomics. I freaking love it. I love work that uses old tools–like economic theory and modeling–in new and quirky ways. I also adore the way my future husband, Malcolm Gladwell, spins essays into intellectual whodunnits.

But my favourite book of all time is To Kill A Mocking Bird.

6. I’m going to give you a word. Tell me what the first thing that comes to mind when you read itReady? The word is: instigate.

Shit disturber. My girls. Myself. Provocateur.

7. What question are you currently living?

Faith? Faith. It is new to me. Faith in myself, faith in the universe, faith in the leap and the fall, faith in those that love me and those who don’t, faith in my instincts–I’m sidling up to faith.

Bonus Q: Before we go, Tina Turner asked me to ask you: Kelly, What’s love got to do with it, got to do with it?

Oh, EVERYTHING, honey.

With Love,

. . . . . . .


Twitter: @kellydiels